Human Rights

For us, humanism in Simurg Design means being open to people who respect human rights and value diversity, and to see them. We are open to cooperation with anyone who shares the same viewpoints as us. In fact, we are jumping into new ideas and we believe that everyone has access to development, better living, social and human rights. An important part of our CSR policy is to provide better working standards and conditions for employees at our company and suppliers.

Work Conditions

As a result of the philosophy mentioned above, we care about the working conditions of our team. Working hours and studies are carried out according to the rules of the Ministry of Social Security. In addition, the result of this perspective; Simurg Tasarım has fulfilled the certificate of worker training and workplace safety control rules of the Turkish Republic Ministry of Social Security.

Environmental & Nature Care

As part of the textile and fashion industry, we have to have a broad environmental and ethical approach to business. We are aware of how chemicals are used in both cotton production and production. We understand the burden of these places on the environment, farmers and workers. It is also important that our colleagues (customers) do not normally contain harmful chemicals. First of all, it is our priority to find ways to use natural resources more effectively, increase recycling and increase energy efficiency. Environmental care is a major issue for our children. In addition to carefully looking at the products and materials, we care about our entire business. We work to reduce the least possible CO2 emissions in our company.


Our working methods are based on clear action plans and goals. We have open and close communication with our colleagues (customers) and suppliers to make operations as smoothly as possible.

Good Working Conditions

We respect human rights, we believe that everyone has the rights to a better life; Our basic rules to demonstrate our commitment to human rights:

* No child labor
* No forced or tied labor
* No excessive working hours
* Paying the minimum minimum wage (minimum wage determined by Turkish labor laws)
* Safe, healthy and friendly working conditions
* A legally binding employment contract
* Freedom of association
* No discrimination


All of our products must meet customer needs in terms of quality and safety. These are our guidelines during the sampling phase and throughout the production process. We follow applicable environmental laws and customer requirements to ensure that our products do not contain toxins. We make clear agreements with our sub-producers or material suppliers to prevent the use of unsuitable materials.

We do not use:

* NO Cadmium, heavy metals containing lead and mercury
* NO Formaldehyde, antibacterial agents, NFE and dangerous dyes
* NO Allergenic dyes
* NO nickel

Our Social Responsibility Projects


Barış Çocuk is a music formation around Eşrefpaşa and Kadifekale, made with children who cannot reach art education and on a voluntary basis.
Mukadder Özden, who is a member of the Board of Barış Child Orchestra Protection and Development Association, is actively working in the association as a social responsibility project. In addition, support is provided as Simurg Design.