Simurg TasarımTekstil

Simurg Tasarım Textile Co Ltd has been established by Mrs. Mukadder Ozden who has got 35 yrs experience in the clothing industry and 20 years of this being in export. Simurg is a member of Aegean Industrial Commerce, Aegean Trade Commerce, Exporters’ Union and Aegean Clothing Mfgs Association.
Simurg team has experience in Organic clothing since 1994; So having customers in especially Scandinavian countries for babywear, womenswear, and sportswear. In general full collection production has been realized, so both jersey and woven fabrics are using together. Simurg provides full fair-trade services in its modern premises at Buca/Izmir.

OZMOZ Brand has been registered in 2011 and started to develop in 2012 by Simurg Tasarim; in recent years focused on baby and kidswear. Two lines exist in this field, one is fancy and fashion girls’ event dresses; for proms, the first communion, ceremonies, or any special occasion/event. Another line is casual/daily products; from newborn babies to 12-14 yrs kids organic products where very rich with all jerseys, woven and even organic denim items.

You will be always welcome to be a part of OZMOZ family, as a selling point or individual customer.

Human Rights

Here, in Izmir and Ozmoz; life becomes meaningful with respect to human rights, respect to differences and equal approach to every person.
We believe everyone has rights to reach the better life and principal rights. So open to cooperate with business partners who have the same vision. One of our mission is to provide better working standards and conditions in both in-house and our suppliers, meaning all participants of the production chain.

Work Standards / CSR

As the result of our approach, we care about working conditions of the production team. In our companies working periods are established according to Turkish Social Security laws and directions, where the majority of those harmonized/equalized with EU norms since 1963 Ankara agreement between Turkey and EU.
Also, our GOTS certification has got one of the most strict social rules (even more careful than BSCI) with version 5.0; it is not only organic product chain authentication but also social standards and fair trade production is inspected in every audit.

Environment / Nature

As a part of the World, we have to have an ethical/sustainable approach for our future environment; It is known a lot of chemicals are using in Cotton growth or fabric production. In Ozmoz/Simurg we always use respectful/certified suppliers to reduce the impact of our production. Organic production is one of the main elements of that approach, but even for conventional production, we work with suppliers who have environmental care/respect.
As a production base, more efficient resource use, increase recycling, increase energy efficiency is one of our main targets. Lesser carbon footprint is a must, and all our team has been regularly training for that matter.

We never forget an Indian proverb “We did not inherit the World from our ancestors, borrowed from our children or grandchildren.”

Mukadder Özden

She started as a textile engineer in 1985 and worked in all production positions and in various positions. Özden, who fulfilled every duty until the general manager, produced services / products for well-known brands (Adidas, Nike, Patagonia, Enkel, H&M, Donna Karan, etc.). She started his own business by establishing Simurg Tasarım in 2004. In addition to being a successful businesswoman, she became the chairman of EGSD (Aegean Clothing Industrialists Association) for 4 years and vice president of Board of the Fashion and Apparel Federation. She is now delegate of Turkish Exporters’ Assembly (TIM)
Mrs Ozden is also an active NGO supporter for quite long time and a dedicated Soroptimist since 1997; Became the president of Izmir Club, too.